Superbowl Sunday

Are you watching the Superbowl? Today in America, it’s the Superbowl – The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa. I don’t particularly like football (gasp!), but I’m secretly rooting for Tampa Bay. So instead of watching football, I fired up my embroidery machine and made some cute cards that I need to send out. In January, I signed up for a swap to swap handmade quilted cards. I thought that would be so much fun. Little did I know that the week they were due, I would lose my prince… my dog! This guy was with me through thick and thin for 15 years. A piece of me left with him.

Sox….my prince

The next week was rough … It was hard to adjust to life without him, but I did. I still cry but not as often.

Anyway…I fired up my embroidery machine so I could fulfil my obligation and mail off these cards. I can honestly say that I really miss embroidering. I don’t do it nearly enough! I found the cutest pattern from Anita Goodesign and created these masterpieces.

What’s under your needle today?

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