Summer Sampler Turns 10 – Block 4

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Summer Sampler, Faith Jones, Lee Heinrich and Katie Blakesley are rereleasing their summer sampler from 2011.

The fourth block, Flower Garden Path, was originally released in 2011 by Katie Blakesley of Swim Bike Quilt. The refreshed blog post was published on March 16, 2021. The tutorial can be found here. I’m using fabrics found in Quilted Connection’s shop:  Aquarelle from Art Gallery and White Modern Geo Class by Violet Craft for Robert Kaufman for the background.

First up – separating the blocks in sections and choosing the fabrics.  I was so excited when this block came up and it was paper pieced. 

Paper piecing is one of my most favorite ways to quilt. The precision and accuracy of the block is spot on.  I decided to use just three colors in this block.  
I cut the fabric and labeled the paper piece so I would know which color went where.  This makes it easy for me to just grab the piece and start sewing. 
Blocks all sewn together.  Now to  rip off the paper. 🙂 
This is a little tedious but satisfying.  
Flower Garden Path
When I was first learning to paper piece I was a bit overwhelmed. I watched a YouTube tutorial video from Jennifer Mathis. It was on constant repeat when I was working on my very first paper pieced quilt.  
I took on the task of Violet Craft’s Jungle Abstractions:The Lion Quilt.  I was on a mission to finish it for my daughter who loves big cats! It’s now hanging in her house.  
Isn’t he stunning!?    
Pssst – this pattern is available in our shop.  Find it here.

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