My Favorite Color is Moda – Blocks 2 and 3

I know – I’m a little late in writing the blog post for last month’s blocks, but life happened and something had to give. But I’m back at it! I did manage to get the blocks done in the month of March though! Go me!

Moda’s blog post talks in depth about the pair of blocks. “They are actually the same piecing layout—log cabins (or
courthouse steps) with cornerstones. If you look forward in the pattern, you’ll see this is
actually something that comes up a few times: doing a variation on the same block, whether it
be in coloring or size or both. It’s a handy way to keep the variety in a large sampler project,
while keeping a good flow when you stand back and look at the quilt without so many different
shapes to distract the eye.” If you want to read the entire posting you can download it here:

I’m doing the Cookie Tin for this quilt. My husband decided he would like a Christmas quilt…. so here we are!

I cut all the fabric first and worked one block at a time. Log cabins are one of my favorite blocks to make; I was thrilled to be making them!

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